Monday, June 11, 2007

Chinese Food

A real quick hit today since I'm pretty under the weather-or over the pot I should say. Seems I got something on the plane ride home and have had diarreah since Tuesday evening...not good my frineds, not good. Yesterday was pretty bad in fact. i have a call into my doctor today to see if I can get something to help my ass out--literally! As I mentioned before, you have to get used to a different idea of cleanliness in China. The level of dirt, grime, grease etc is probably off the charts for most westerners, especially us Americans. The average glass of water will give you the worst Montezuma's revenge, or is it General Taso's revenge?

I snapped this pic on the busride back from Dali as we passed through sort of the edge of the city where there is a lot of construction and industrial businesses. These guys looked like they were lined up waiting for work. I saw many groups of men sitting around like this waiting I guess to be hired out for the day or to be picked up.

I bought a nice Sumi brush form this old guy in Kunming along one of the many shopping side street bizzares. I never saw an actual art supply store, but you's see places selling stationary supplies.

This is a site Echo and I saw many, many times. These small resturants on the street with the owners cleaning the food in the street, right on all the dirty and grime. I can't imagine ever eating in one of these places. the Chinese must have stomachs of iron. I wonder how many healthcodes this breaks?

Gee, don't these guys looks kind and inviting? I want to eat there!

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