Friday, June 22, 2007

Rice Fields and Workshops

I'm back today with some more shots from Dali where we spent 2 days touring the beautiful countryside. Like Kunming and Beijing Dali streets were line with many, many shops offering everything from food to cell phones, you name it. often you'd see shops where people were gathered to eat, gamble or get a bike repaired.

One of the many rice fields along the way to Dali.

A cool looking door to a workyard in Dali, it looked to be very old like many things in this area we walked through off the lakeside. I think this was the industrial area which had many lumberyards and supply depots for construction.

This workshop I think was a place to repair your bike or mmaybe get something else fixed like a wagon. I think many of the shop owners also live in their shops.

I think this guy was pushing his bike because it was broken. I snapped this pic early in the morning and the look on this guys face tell us a lot I think about his life condition--hard work.

I love the expression on this lady's face a she just emerges out of the shadows. I'd get this type of look all the time. In Dali on the streets I never saw another westerner the whole time, as a result people were always staring at me which was cool, but made it hard to snap pics of people as they were aware of my camera and would sometimes turn away.

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