Sunday, June 10, 2007

Our First Meal

This is the Dorm that Echo and I stayed at in Beijing. It was located at the Beijing University of technology. the dorm wasn't that bad except for the bathroom, which would at times release some pooh-sewer gas smell into the room, so we'd have to keep the bathroom door closed and the fan on. It was really located in a very good spot for us because we had access to many things like the internet and resturants as well as a comic shop, which I posted about on my other blog. There was also a little store on the first floor where we could also buy sundries like water, snacks etc., and have our laundry done. Echo's friend Summer's father managed the dorm, so we got a great hook-up.

This was the first resturant we ate at in Beijing. Since our hours were really swithed (Beijing is 12 hours later than EST) we woke up early and went out to explore and look for a place to eat. Echo had lived near here before, but she said so much had changed in the six years since she'd moved to the US, she almost didn't recognize the place. Echo remembered that this place was open and that she used to eat here as kid. A few of here old schools are nearby withing walking distance. We actually passed one on the way here. I have to say, while I was really hungry I was also a bit leary about the food as the place was a bit dirty, though in hindsight now, not nearly as dirty as many places I saw.

For less than 3 dollars US we bought our first breakfast. there was no coffee or tea to be had, nor diet anything, so I had a Pepsi with no ice. It didn't quite taste like Pepsi here, it had a slightly different flavor and was less sweat. I ate a soup with Touf, which I didn't really like and some pork buns, which I did. I also had a couple of pickled/hardboiled eggs. Echo had a soup with pork intestines in it. I tasted it and it tasted good, but I can't eat stuff like pork way, not for my diet or colesterol.

Echo was in pure heaven eating her "home food". She had been looking forward to this for soooo long.

Here I am trying the soup....

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Ryanne said...

Ni Hao!!! You were brave enough to try it. The pictures you took are very pretty. I think you outdid yourself as I know its not as eyecandy as it seems

Great work though. I shall follow your blog! =) Happy Holidays!