Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The sunlight was at times in China very intense, especially in dali. the air there was much cleaner than in the cities of Beijing and Kunming, especially Beijing where it was overcast with a haze even on a sunny day. I think Dali was fairly high up, much higher in elevation than Beijing so like being out west in the US the sun is a lot more intense in the cleaner air.

I took this picture in the old Bai pagoda in Dali, which was built in 1339.

This was taken at the lakeshore in Dali where Echo and I spent a morning walking around.

This was one of the many open air markets sprinkled throughout Kunming. Here could could buy just about anything from pets to food, clothes and various arts and crafts.
This lady was selling fresh fruit on the street near the market we were shopping at. There were many fruit venders in this area I guess due to the fact there are a lot of people shopping. the fruit is great, but you have to buy and cut it yourself otherwise you's risk getting sick. Who knows where and what she's been wiping that knife on.


Kelly said...

Man, I just can't say how beautiful the light is in that shot with the bike. That's what we photographers search for, which is stupid, because it only seems to come to us when we aren't actively seeking it. Beautiful.

Mike M said...

Kelly, there were shots like this everywhere, you just had to slow down and look. I was always lagging behind because I was looking for pictures all the time. My mother-in-law could never understand this and always joked with me about it.

I lost many good shots to the A80's slow shutter speed. next trip i think I'll upgrade to a dig-SLR like a Nikon which will have a much faster shutter speed and allow me to do more time lapse, etc. Still the A80 is pretty rugged, it got dumped a few times on the trip.